Every Wichita Residents Forgets The Drain Until They Don’t

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When it comes to plumbing, drains are the outcasts of the family. Nobody ever thinks about them, because they are out of sight and out of mind. Let’s face it, do we really care what goes on underground when we can’t see it anyway?

Drain cleaning service Wichita.

You just pull the plug out, or in the case of the shower or washing machine you don’t even have to do that, and the dirty water just runs away, doesn’t it? Simple!

Er, until the drains go wrong and decide to go on strike.

Suddenly, they become the most important things in your life. What’s more they have a sneaky habit of getting bunged up at the most inappropriate times, such as ten o’clock at night when the sink won’t empty, and you have no idea where to get a plumber from until the next morning. It is known as Murphy’s Law – what can go wrong will go wrong.

Of course, you may decide to go outside and see if you can fix it yourself. This can be very dangerous because you will quickly discover Murphy’s Second Law which most people have never heard of. This states that when things have gone wrong, whatever you do to try to put them right will only make matters worse!

Leave It Alone!

Leave it well alone! You need a professional drain cleaning service Wichita, and Ben Franklin is here to come to the rescue. We operate a genuine 24 hour service, so it doesn’t matter that it’s ten at night and you were just going to go to bed, because we never sleep. Our drain cleaning service in Wichita can come out and save your bacon – or at the very least clean your drains – whatever time of day or night it happens to be.

We can send a CCTV camera down your drains to establish the exact cause of the problem, and after we know what it is, we can fix it. One problem that often occurs is tree roots getting into the drain. Tree roots are constantly searching for water, and there is a lot of water going down drains. If there is a crack in the drainpipe the roots will find their way in and will quickly expand and fill up the drain.

It is not a problem. As the best drain cleaning service Wichita, we have a number of different cutting heads that we can send down the drain to clear out the roots so that the water drains away freely again. Then we can use a naturally based herbicidal root killer to kill any roots on contact and prevent them from growing again.

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