Looking Past Christmas at Holiday Plumbing and Drain Pressures

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With the Holidays behind us, let’s look at the “big picture” of holidays and plumbing. Christmas was just around the corner and there was much to look forward to. The kids were busy sending notes to Santa at the North Pole with a list of the latest computer games that they would like, along with an iPhone 28 or whatever the latest number is.

Wichita Drain Cleaning Service

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Mom and Pop were preparing the guest bedrooms and trying to remember to get everything in well before the 25th, only to realize at the last minute that there are a couple of things that they have forgotten, so there was the usual Christmas Eve mad rush to the shops to pick up bits and pieces.

Meanwhile, of course, Pop was perched precariously on a ladder covering the whole house in lights because you simply have to have more than the neighbors. Can’t let anyone else in the street beat you at that!

Yes, the Christmas spirit was well and truly on the way in Wichita, but there were one or two more mundane things to consider. Like the drains, and the fact that you might need a Wichita plumber before, during, or after the festivities. In fact, now would be a very good time to think about having that slow drain looked at by a professional, because the last thing you need is a blocked up sink or bath on Christmas Day or any other holiday!  (MLK day is right around the corner, for example… and then there’s Memorial Day – another big “family” day).

More Pressure on Your Plumbing During the Holidays

The problem is that when you have guests in your home there is much more pressure on drains because there is much more washing up to do, and more people are using the bath, the shower, and the toilet. Suddenly, what was a kitchen sink that was draining a bit slowly becomes a kitchen sink that is blocked and won’t drain at all, and you need a Wichita plumber on Christmas Day afternoon! As it happens, you are in luck with Benjamin Franklin because we operate a genuine 24/7/365 day emergency service so you can actually call us on Christmas Day if need be.  (Or on Memorial day, or July 4th – you get the idea).

However, we feel sure that you wouldn’t really want to interrupt the festivities when you should be sitting back full of roast beef and pecan pie while gently sipping a glass of egg nog. So our suggestion would be that you call us now if you have any doubt about a slowly draining bath or sink so that we can fix it for you before the big day. While you may know us as a Wichita plumber, and it is true that we are based in the city, we also service all the surrounding towns such as Goddard, Derby, Haysville, Andover, Greenwich, and more, so give us a call now and let’s make sure your drains are fine for the next holiday up to and including Christmas 2018!

Photo credit: bradleypjohnson via Foter.com / CC BY

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