Don’t Let Your Drain Become A Drain On Your Finances!

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A drain is a strange old appliance. It doesn’t really seem to “do” anything until it starts to “do” something – that is, water doesn’t flow away freely anymore and eventually begins to back up into the home.

Drain cleaning in Wichita.

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In an ideal world everybody would have their bath, shower, and sink drains cleaned once a year. This would prevent them becoming clogged with hair, grease, food particles, soap scum, and other bits and pieces, which in turn breed bacteria. Over time, that is exactly what happens, although many people do not realize it and only call a drain cleaning service in Wichita when the drains become blocked. Of course, by this time it may be too late, and there might be sewage backing up into the home which can result in endless amounts of damage to floors, walls, carpets, and furniture. It is certainly not something that you would wish on your worst enemy.

As the leading drain cleaning service in Wichita we have all of the equipment required to inspect, clean, and if necessary replace all your drains and sewer pipes. As a property owner it is your responsibility to clean and repair your sewage pipe up until the point where it joins the main sewer pipe which is the responsibility of the city.

A Number Of Possible Causes to Call a Drain Cleaning Service

When you have blocked drains and sewer pipes there can be a number of causes. We will use a CCTV camera which will inspect the length of your drain and sewer pipes so that we can determine exactly what is causing the blockage. We can also make a DVD of it so that you can see the problem for yourself.

In many cases the problem can be caused by tree roots. If you have trees in your yard, or even in your neighbor’s yard, their roots are constantly searching for water. You may suffer a fracture in your sewer pipe, possible through soil settlement, which leaks water into the surrounding area. This will then attract tree roots which will find their way through the crack and into your sewer where they will quickly produce more roots eventually blocking the sewer completely. Wichita has alternating spells of hot and cold weather, of damp and dry weather and this makes “our” tree roots very aggressive.

We use a special tool which has a variety of cutter heads and will cut away the tree roots. This can be followed up with the use of a herbicidal root killer which will prevent regrowth.

We also have a biological drain cleaner which will keep your drains flowing by using a natural bacteria that lives on the organic waste which goes down the drains.

When you have any sort of problem requiring the attention of a drain cleaning service in Wichita we can deal with it for you. This includes such services as trenchless sewer replacement, which means that if your sewer pipe needs to be replaced we can do it without digging up your beautiful yard!

Photo credit: David Blackwell. via / CC BY

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