Is the Best Plumber in Andover, Kansas, Really in Andover Kansas?

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Here’s something that might surprize you. The best plumber in Andover, Kansas, isn’t actually based in Andover!

You might wonder why that is. Actually, it’s not that stupid when you think about it. Andover only has a population of just over 12,000 people. Now, for sure, Andover businessmen and residents suffer their fair share of plumbing mishaps. We all decide that we want to remodel the bathroom at some point. Or the kitchen. Best Plumber in Andover, KansasOr perhaps the toilet gets blocked (UGH! – but it happens). So if we live or work in Andover, at some time or another we are going to want the best plumber in Andover KS to sort out our plumbing problems.

Look At It From The Plumber’s Point Of View

However, now look at it from the plumber’s point of view. With a population of only 12,000 there simply isn’t enough to keep a plumber occupied full time in the town. Yes, installing a new bathroom could take a couple of weeks, but just how many families want a new bathroom every year? Sure, somebody might get a leaking tap, or there could be a major problem with a sewer pipe, but it won’t keep a plumber occupied full time.

That’s why we’re based in Wichita. The city has so many businesses and residences that it keeps us going non-stop. In fact, we offer all people in Wichita a genuine 24 hour 365 day emergency service – apart from all the other plumbing jobs we do – so we are always busy.

Responsibilities of a Plumber In Andover

However, we don’t forget our responsibilities to the smaller towns around the city. Certainly, we couldn’t make a full time living just working in Andover, but that doesn’t alter the fact that people in Andover can suffer from plumbing problems in exactly the same way as all those in the city.

That’s why we have organized our business in such a way that we can offer precisely the same service to the people of all the surrounding towns as we do to Wichita residents. Whether you need to remodel your bathroom, or you have a major leak at two in the morning we are here for you at all times.

Not only are we always available, we also offer the best prices that you will find anywhere. Guaranteed. That’s just one of the reasons that we have grown so big so fast. Price isn’t everything, of course. The most important thing when you need the best plumber in Andover KS is that you get just that: the best. But when you combine that with prices better than you can get anywhere else in Wichita and the surrounding towns you really do have the best of both worlds.

So whenever you need plumbing services of any description in Andover, remember to call the best plumber in Andover – who isn’t actually in Andover! That’s us. In Wichita. Benjamin Franklin – the punctual plumber.

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