Tips For Choosing The Best Plumbing Company In Haysville

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If you are looking for Haysville KS plumbing companies, the best plumbing company in Haysville is not in Haysville. The best plumbing company is Ben Franklin and we’re based in Wichita. However, we’re only 12 miles away so we can get to anywhere in Haysville very quickly.Haysville KS Plumber

Speed is what you need when there’s a need for emergency plumbing services, so you want a company that offers a genuine 24 hour service, which of course we do. If you have water coming through the ceiling at three in the morning you need help fast: it’s not something you can leave until the morning, which is why we are here for you day and night.

The Punctual Plumber

Not for nothing are we also known as the punctual plumber. All of our technicians know the value of your time and our promise to you is that we will actually pay you $5.00 for every single minute we are late for an appointment. As you can imagine, that’s not something that we really want to do, so we make sure that we’re on time – or a few minutes early – for every appointment.

All of our plumbers are highly-trained craftsmen who have spent many years in the job. We simply will not hire people straight out of college and let them get on-the-job training at our customers’ expense. Furthermore, our plumbers undergo continuing training, attending seminars to keep up to date with the latest plumbing technology.

The Ben Franklin Uniform

While you are searching for Haysville KS plumbing companies you’ll notice that our plumbers are proud to wear the Ben Franklin uniform because it marks them out as top-rated specialists in their trade. They are friendly and courteous and have all had background checks and undergo random drug testing as long as they are employed by us.

At Ben Franklin we also have sufficient plumbers on our team to be able to deal with any emergency in Haysville, large or small. If a job requires three or four plumbers working together, you’ve got it.

We undertake all drainage work in Haysville, whether it’s clearing out tree roots, replacing a damaged section, or renewing the drain with trenchless renewal. We repair toilets and cisterns, or install new ones as required. We can completely renew your bathroom, install a new shower, bath or vanity. We can repair and replace water heaters, carry out gas line repair, or install a garbage disposal unit. Not to put too fine a point on it, if it has water running through it then Ben Franklin can fix it.

So when you are searching for Haysville KS plumbing companies, just remember that the best Haysville plumbing company isn’t in Haysville: it’s in Wichita.

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