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Drain Unclogging Services in Wichita, Kansas

  • Expert, licensed, master and journeyman plumbers on staff
  • Wichita’s best drain cleaning – slow, and stopped drains have “met their match”
  • Sewer Line Repair Experts – if the drain is just the ‘symptom,’ we can fix the ’cause,’ a clogged sewer line.
  • Real 24/7 Emergency Plumber Service Available for Drain Cleaning and/or Drain Unstopping
  • The “punctual” plumber – “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!”

If you have a stopped up or clogged drain, consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Wichita for your drain cleaning service needs. We can unclog / unstop a drain whether it’s a kitchen sink drain, a clogged shower or bathtub, or even a basement drain issue. All of our trucks carry the necessary equipment to unclog any drain in your home. If it is necessary to run new drain lines, our trucks are stocked fully with all necessary parts. Whether you’re looking for a drain cleaning service or what some folks call drain unclogging, we can help. From everything to drain inspections to drain unclogging to a full drain flush and draining cleaning service, we’re the top-rated drain service in the greater Wichita area.

About Drained / Clogged Drains – Drain Unclogging Services Offered

A clogged drain is probably one of the most annoying problems that can occur around your home. Whether it’s a clogged sink drain or a stopped up shower drain, it always seems to happen at the worst possible time which is generally at night, on the weekend or during a holiday. Sometimes it’s just a slow drain, other times it’s as if you’ve struck black gold in Kansas as the water spouts up if it’s connected to a washing machine or shower. When this happens to you, consider Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Wichita because we offer true 24/7 emergency service including for drain unstopping and drain unclogging. A lot of companies advertise 24/7 emergency plumbing service, but few actually provide it. This is especially true during holidays. The next time you need a plumber on Thanksgiving or New Year’s, remember Ben Franklin Plumbing Wichita, the Punctual Plumber.

Note: in some situations, a clogged drain can be a symptom of a more complex sewer line problem. We are Wichita’s top-rated sewer line company, and we can fix all sewer lines, including trenchless sewer line repairs for Wichita and nearby towns such as Andover, Haysville, and Bel Aire. We’re the leaders in Central Kansas for everything plumbing!

Tips and Facts about Drained / Clogged Drain

To effectively unclog a stopped up drain in your house requires special equipment that all Benjamin Franklin Plumbing trucks carry. Whether it’s a bathtub or shower drain, kitchen sink drain, garbage disposal that won’t drain, overflowing washing machine drain, floor drain in your basement or anything other drain in your house, call Ben Franklin Plumbing 24/7/365. Similarly, to clean drains in today’s modern houses, is not easy for the do-it-yourselfer. You may not even know why you have a slow drain or clogged drain: we can inspect your house’s entire drain system, and unclog or clean drains as need be. That’s why we are Wichita’s top-rated drain cleaning service! And, if we are late for your appointment, we will pay you $5 per minute that we are late up to $300 max. We believe your time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to wait around for a plumber to show up.

Updated: 9/17/2016

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